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  • Calligaris Tables Beautiful And Functional Ties That Bind

    The Calligaris name is representative of contemporary elegance, innovative design, and impeccable quality. Among the many furnishings offered, the Calligaris table is the emblematic thread that cohesively connects every aspect of your furniture layout together with versatile utility. The seating within your living room would be disjointed without an accoutrement of accessible placement for beverages, reading materials, media remote controls, ornamentation or table top illumination. In your dining room or eat-in kitchen, enjoying a meal could not occur without a table to accommodate a full setting for presenting your prepared cuisine, allowing you to dine in style and in comfort from anchored sizes for a fixed number of residents to extendable options for entertaining additional guests during special occasions. Your home office will benefit from the beauty of a Calligaris office table as a distinctively progressive workstation for doing bills, working at home a few days a week or serving as the corporate hub for operating your own business.

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  • Calligaris Beds Soothing Slumber With Ergonomic Invigoration

    Comprehensively stylish in quality and design – Calligaris has dominated the furniture industry with global prevalence as one of Italy’s premier manufacturers for almost a century, presenting a multiplicity of contemporary furnishings and accessories to beautify every area of the home. Placing great emphasis upon the creation of nighttime components that exude resolute luxuriance, render uncompromising comfort, and promote restorative sleep – the Calligaris bed is a hallmark of refined respite that caters to the physical and mental well-being of all its consumers.

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  • Jesper Filing Cabinets And Storage Artistic Functionality For Your Home Office

    The arrangement of furnishings within your home office will determine the fluidity of the room and the efficiency of your work, as conveyed through the ancient eastern art of Feng Shui. While this intriguing and multifaceted doctrine can be far more complex and spiritual in nature, the practical aspect of this unique design philosophy is all that you will need to awaken the energy of your work area. The primary focus places emphasis upon spatial positioning, material containment, and traffic flow amidst your furniture components with the goal of alleviating chaos and clutter within your mental and physical realm to open the space to positive energy and success. This old world approach is applicable to interior design on a global level, as each object and furniture component will have its appropriate place within your home or office thus reducing stress, enhancing accessibility, and increasing productivity. These results will ensure more success with the maintenance of household finances, work at home opportunities or business operations. Jesper’s exquisite line of filing cabinets and storage vessels will affect the necessary balance within your office for an ambiance of pure harmony.

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